Brow Lamination Gone Wrong: How To Avoid And Fix It

Brow lamination is considered quite safe but there is always a chance of brow lamination gone wrong. Nowadays, brow lamination looks much more real but sometimes, brow lamination can go wrong. Let’s see how this happens and how to fix this.

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination is a relatively new and safe procedure that focuses on creating shiny or smooth eyebrows and providing a fuller, more even look.

It is a semi-permanent procedure and may also be good for those who want to keep their brows styled in a certain way but are tired of using brow gel every day. They will need to repeat the process at some point in the future to maintain the results.

Brow Lamination Gone Wrong

To avoid brow lamination going wrong, the best way is to understand how brow lamination disasters happen. The worst thing people can do is a selection of the artist based on price. Eyebrow lamination is a complex procedure that requires trained and experienced experts with at least 2 to 3 years of experience.

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Reasons For Brow Lamination Gone Wrong Happen

There are main 5 reasons that cause eyebrow lamination gone wrong are:

1. Untrained Artist

The artist must be well-trained to give great final results. If an artist is not trained and also has not 2 to 3 years of experience then should not be able to give satisfying results.

2. Artist Didn’t Draw According To Face

The experienced artist should not work without drawing an eyebrows shape according to the face. When an artist starts their work without drawing brows shapes according to the face then there is a chance of brow lamination going wrong.

3. Selection Of Artist Based On Price

In the case of the brows lamination process, cheap means the artist either is not the best or trained and therefore is not able to charge an average cost or above.

4. Did Not See The Previous Work Of The Artist

Without seeing the artist’s previous work before the day of the appointment is the main reason for brow lamination gone wrong. Before booking the appointment must see the artist’s previous work and also see the reviews.

5. Uncomfortable Feeling When Meeting The Artist

Try to make a friendly relationship with the artist when meeting him for the first time. Because of this, you will feel comfortable and at ease during the procedure and easily discuss eyebrows shape, pigment shade, and more.

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How To Fix Brow Lamination Gone Wrong?

When brow lamination goes wrong there are ways to fix it are as.

1. Grow Them Out

When you feel like your eyebrows are growing crinkly and curly, the good thing is to let them grow out. You do not have to do anything to them. You can grow them anywhere between 1 to 3 months, so completely get rid of all the product on the eyebrows. Also, do not forget to apply oil every day.

2. Wash Off The Product

If you feel like your brow hair is curly in the wrong way, you can try to wash off the solution directly from the brows after finishing the process and apply the oil on them.

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How To Avoid Brow Lamination Gone Wrong?

There are some ways by which you can avoid eyebrow lamination gone wrong are as:

  1. Try to select the best artist in the area where you live.
  2. The client must know about the artist’s training or experience level.
  3. Artists must use good quality products.
  4. The artist must be aware of the client’s skin type.
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Main Takeaways

Brow lamination gives some beautiful final results. It lifts the face completely, adds confidence, and increases self-esteem. Before selecting an artist, the client must know about the artist’s previous work and level of experience. The procedure will definitely give fuller and more defined-shaped brows.

FAQs About Eyebrow Lamination Gone Wrong

Here are some common questions related to brow lamination gone wrong. Must read the following.

1. How To Fix Over Processed Brow Lamination?

To fix over-processed brow lamination, you should wait until the hair has grown enough to trim the damaged tips. You can also use a deep-conditioning treatment to help nourish and repair the hair. It is important not to use chemicals or heat on the hair until it has fully healed.

2. What Should I Do If I Have Bad Eyebrow Lamination?

If you have had a bad experience with brow lamination, one option to fix the over-processed or damaged hair is to wait for it to grow out and trim off the damaged tips. It is also essential to avoid any further chemical treatments or heat styling until the hair has fully recovered.

3. Is It Possible To Fix Bad Brow Lamination?

Yes, bad eyebrow lamination is fixed by waiting for the hair to grow and trimming off the damaged tips, avoiding any further chemical treatments, or heat styling until the hair fully recovers.

4. How Long Does It Take For Bad Brow Lamination To Grow Out?

The time it takes for bad brow lamination to grow out will depend on the severity of the damage caused, the rate of hair growth, and the individual’s hair type. Generally, it can take several weeks to months for the hair to grow enough to trim off the damaged tips. However, in severe cases where the hair is not growing or is damaged to the point of breakage, it may take longer to recover.

5. What Should I Expect Before And After Bad Brow Lamination?

Before bad brow lamination, it is important to consult a stylist or esthetician to discuss the procedure, your expectations, and any possible risks, including the type of product that will be used, the time of processing, and any possible side effects. It is essential to have realistic expectations and understand that the result may not be the same as shown, as everyone’s hair is unique, and the hair type, texture, and initial shape of the brows can affect the outcome.

After bad brow lamination, it is important to understand that the hair and skin may be compromised and may require some time to recover. You may experience various symptoms such as dry, brittle, damaged, or even broken hair, itching, redness, flaking or burning of the skin, uneven shape or uneven color of the brows, and even hair loss. It is important to avoid any further chemical treatments, heat styling, or makeup on the brows and follow the brow lamination aftercare instructions provided, including the use of recommended products for maintenance, such as moisturizing and nourishing creams, oils, or serums.