Curled Lashes: Ultimate Guide To Safety and Precautions

Curled lashes are those that have been curled with the help of an eyelash curler. This tool gives lashes a more lifted and defined appearance, making the eyes appear larger and more open. Curling lashes can also help to enhance the effects of mascara and eyelash extensions. The curler is gently pressed against the lashes and held for a few seconds before releasing. Be careful when using an eyelash curler to avoid pinching or pulling on the lashes.

Curled Lashes

Your eye makeup will stand out more if your eyelashes are curled. To keep your curled eyelashes lifted all day, you should put your makeup in the right order and understand how to curl your eyelashes perfectly. Additionally, there are two kinds of eyelash curlers: heated eyelash curlers, which use heat to create a stronger curl, and mechanical eyelash curlers.

How To Curl Eyelashes

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Follow these guidelines for how to curl your eyelashes.

1. Before Applying Mascara, Curl Your Lashes

Your eyelashes should be the final step in applying eye makeup. Apply eye shadow and eyeliner, curl your lashes and finish with mascara.

2. Make Use Of Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara is more durable and lasts longer than regular mascara.

3. Warm Up The Eyelash Curler

Use a heated eyelash curler, give your mechanical eyelash curler a quick blast with your hairdryer, or dip it in a cup of hot water. The efficiency of curling can be improved by heat. Test it with your hand to ensure you haven’t added too much heat, which might harm your delicate lashes. Before applying mascara, curled eyelashes with the heated mechanical curler.

4. Implement Eyelash Extensions

You can use eyelash extensions or falsies to achieve a more dramatic look with your makeup. Make sure to curl your natural lashes as close to the lash line as possible.

5. Make Use Of Petroleum Jelly

Apply some petroleum jelly to your bare, straight lashes before curling them. The petroleum jelly will keep your curly eyelashes for a longer period.

6. Draw Attention To Your Lash Line

To avoid an unsightly crimp on your eyelashes, start as close to the base of your lash line as possible, as this produces a more even curl.

How To Curled Lashes With An Eyelash Curler

The best way to curl eyelashes is with an eyelash curler using this step-by-step guide.

1. Using A Gentle Touch, Curl Your Eyelashes

Over the root of your top lashes, position the eyelash curler and press down. Keep it closed for five to ten seconds while lightly pulsing a few times with added pressure.

2. Forward-Move The Curler

To get a more dramatic curl, gently pulsing the curler along the length of the lashes works well. Gently pulse as you advance the curler a little at a time, then lower it back to the base of the curled lashes for one final application of pressure.

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3. Put On Some Mascara

You can use mascara to help keep the curl after using a lash curler. Additionally, this will make your lashes thicker, giving your eyes a dramatic look. To remove any clumps, use an eyelash comb.

4. Get Rid Of The Eyelash Curler

To prevent bacteria buildup, wipe down the rubber pads with an alcohol solution after each use to prevent eye infections.

How To Curled Lashes Without Eyelash Curler

Following are four beauty suggestions to help you curl lashes if you want to lift your straight lashes without using a lash curler.

1. Apply Eye Makeup Or Gel To Curls

The most common method for getting curled eyelashes without a curler is to shape the lashes with drugstore makeup or a mild skin care gel. Additionally, you can use items such as waterproof mascara or natural gel to maintain your lash shape and light curl. Furthermore, you can also apply mascara or lash curling gel, gently press up and hold for a few seconds to curl your lashes.

2. Get a Curled Lashes

Consider going to a beauty salon where a professional can perform an eyelash perm to give your eyelashes a longer-lasting curl hold if you want to curl your eyelashes without using a curler. Permed eyelashes can last for three months.

3. Pick Up A Warm Spoon

To test this technique, warm up a metal spoon with a blow dryer or soak it in a cup of warm water for at least three minutes. Ensure the spoon is warm, not hot, to ensure your safety. Then, pat the spoon dry with a clean towel before positioning the spoon’s edge along your lash line with the spoon’s bowl turned upside down and away from your face.

Your curled lashes should be positioned between the spoon and your thumb by placing your thumb underneath it. To get your lashes to curl upward, gently grab your lashes between the spoon edge and your thumb. Repeat along the length of your lash line. Seal with a coat of mascara for added hold.

4. Should Use A Tiny Brush

You can use a small brush like a clean mascara spoolie or an unused toothbrush for a soft DIY lash curl. The best results come from brushing and pressing up the base of your lashes with the brush’s bristles to give them an upward curl. Warm the brush in hot water, then dry it on a clean towel. Use waxy mascara to seal the hair for more hold.

Are Eyelash Curlers Safe?

Initially, eyelash curlers are generally considered safe when used properly. However, it is important to use them carefully to avoid pinching or pulling your eyelashes. Furthermore, it is crucial to ensure that the curler is clean and in good condition before using it. Moreover, avoiding using an eyelash curler on eyelashes treated with colored lash extensions or other products is important.

Additionally, it’s crucial to be mindful when you press the curler on your lashes, as overheating the curler may damage them. Lastly, if you experience discomfort or irritation when using an eyelash curler, discontinue using it and seek medical advice if necessary.

Avoid Mistakes Before Curled Lashes

Examine all of these common mistakes in how to keep eyelashes curled and begin to avoid them.

1. Curled Lashes After Applying Mascara

It is the absolute worst thing to do. Our lashes become stiff after applying mascara, and curling them will cause them to break and fall. Rather than being curled, instead, our curly lashes will be pulled out and inevitably fall off.

Moreover, it is not a good idea to curl the lashes after applying mascara, as it can cause damage to the lashes. It is better to curl the lashes before applying mascara to avoid any breakage or falling of the lashes.

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2. Excessive Curler Pressure

Firstly, the proper way to curl lashes is to lightly press them with a curler for no more than 10 seconds. Once you have done this, you’re done. However, if you press the curler too hard while curling your lashes, the lashes will break.

3. Not Cleaning The Eyelash Curler

Our eyelash curler tends to develop bacteria and germs from constant use. The curler may not function properly and result in eye infection due to the buildup of old eyeliner, dead skin cells, and broken lashes.

Consequently, make cleaning your curler a habit. To clean your lash curler, use a cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol.

4. Curled Lashes Rubber Pad Replacement

Over time and with regular use, the rubber pad attached to the curler will snap and break or lose its elasticity, rendering it ineffective. As a result, remember to replace the rubber padding regularly.

Benefits Curled Lashes

Below are some benefits of having curled eyelashes.

  1. Makes eyes appear bigger and more open.
  2. Makes lashes appear longer and thicker.
  3. Makes it easier to apply mascara.
  4. Enhances the overall appearance of eyes and makes them look more youthful and awake.

Curled Lashes Cost

Like bottom lash extension’s price, the cost of getting curled lashes can vary depending on where you go and the type of service you get. Some salons offer eyelash curling as a standalone service, while others may offer it as part of a more comprehensive package of services. On average, a standalone eyelash curling service can cost anywhere from $20 to $50.

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