Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Types And How Does They Works

Getting an eyeliner tattoo is a great dedication. Unfortunately, not all tattoos come out the way we wanted. If you have a worse eyeliner tattoo, it might be time to consider eyeliner tattoo removal. Here is a complete guide about the tattoo eyeliner removal process and its types.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

Like all the areas of the body tattoos, eyeliner tattoos can be removed with the help of removal technology. Eyeliner tattoo removal can remove any type of unwanted ink on the eyelids. With a few pulses of laser light, the eyeliner tattoo can be removed permanently.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Types

There are 3 effective removal methods of permanent eyeliner are as.

1. Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the oldest method of permanent eyeliner removal and is also for removing permanent makeup, too.

The beam of a laser energy can penetrate the skin and target the pigments and break them down into small molecules. The laser beam breaks down more and more pigment molecules and causes gradual fading.

Laser eyeliner tattoo removal treatments is not comfortable but generally, it is safe. The average laser permanent eyeliner removal cost is around $250 per session.

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2. Saline Removal

Saline permanent eyeliner removal is another way to remove permanent liner. It is a non-laser technique that extracts the pigments directly from the skin. It is done by opening up the skin above the unwanted pigments with the help of a machine or a manual shading tool and injecting a saline solution into the cuts. The saline solution dries up the pigments, and once the cut starts healing, the scab that’s formed takes a certain amount of pigment with it.

Saline permanent eyeliner removal is very efficient, but need to be patient. Most clients need 2 to 6 tattoo removal sessions to get satisfactory results. The average saline eyebrow tattoo removal cost is around 300$ per session.

3. Glycolic Acid Removal

The glycolic acid removal technique is very similar to the saline permanent eyeliner removal technique,

Glycolic acid removal is another non-laser technique that extracts the pigment molecules directly from the skin. Again, the skin above the unwanted pigment molecules is opened with a machine or a manual shading tool, and a glycolic and lactic acids removal solution is injected into the cuts. The glycolic solution binds the pigment molecules to itself, and once the skin starts healing, the scab takes a certain amount of pigment with it.

Glycolic acid removal is the best technique for permanent eyeliner removal. It is a bit pricier than the other 2 removal techniques. The average price is around 400$ per session.

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Permanent Eyeliner Removal Healing Process

After each permanent eyeliner removal session, the skin will go through a healing period very similar to the permanent eyeliner healing process. Eyelids become swollen and reddish for the first 48 hours, also scabs will form, and once scabs start falling off, you will go through a peeling period. Do not need to touch the scabs. This process takes 14 days, but internal healing takes longer than that.

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Aftercare

There are some eyeliner tattoo aftercare instructions you need to follow after the complete removal procedure.

  1. During the first 3 days, keep the treated area clean and dry.
  2. From day 3, use a moisturizer recommended by the tattoo artist.
  3. Avoid heat, hot water baths, and high-pressure water.
  4. Avoid heavy sweating, swimming, and sun exposure.
  5. Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  6. Must stay hydrated.
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Permanent Eyeliner Removal Risks

Permanent eyeliner removal has possible risks are as:

  1. Infection.
  2. Allergies.
  3. Scarring.

Main Takeaways

There are 3 effective ways of permanent eyeliner removal – laser, saline, and glycolic acid removal. The choice of removal way depends on the type of eye liner tattoo, so it is best to book an appointment with a removal specialist and let them assess what removal way would be best.

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1. How To Remove Permanent Eyeliner At Home?

Removing permanent eyeliner at home is not advised, as it can be risky and cause permanent skin damage. Permanent eyeliner removal should only done by a qualified and experienced professional, such as cosmetic tattoo removal artist, using proper equipment and techniques. I strongly suggest not trying any home methods as it could lead to severe complications such as infection, permanent scarring, discoloration of the skin, and even blindness.

2. Can Eyeliner Tattoo Removal Cause Blindness?

Eyeliner tattoo removal procedure can cause blindness if the procedure is not done correctly. The laser beam used for the process should avoided from coming in contact with the eyes directly. If it does, it can cause severe damage to the eyes, including blindness.

Choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner with specific training in eye tattoo removal is important, which takes all necessary precautions to avoid complications. It is unsafe to attempt to remove eyeliner tattoos at home or by an untrained individual.

3. Is It Possible To Remove An Eyeliner Tattoo On Dark Skin?

On dark skin, eye liner tattoo removal is possible but may require a different laser or multiple treatments to achieve the desired result. It is important to take special precautions to avoid the risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

It’s important to choose a practitioner who has experience treating darker skin tones and has the appropriate equipment and knowledge to safely and effectively remove the tattoo. The risks associated with this procedure are too high and can lead to severe complications, including scarring and discoloration.

4. Can People Who Have Undergone Previous Laser Treatments Receive Eyeliner Tattoo Removal?

It is possible to remove eyeliner tattoos from individuals who have undergone prior laser treatments, but it may require a different laser or multiple sessions to achieve the desired result. It is critical to inform the practitioner of any previous laser treatments and confirm that the practitioner has experience treating laser-treated tattoos.

5. How Long Does It Take To Recover From Eyeliner Tattoo Removal?

Recovery time from tattoo eye liner removal can vary depending on the individual and the extent of the tattoo. The treated area may be red, swollen, and tender for a few days after treatment. It is also possible for some scabbing or crusting to occur. During recovery, it is important to avoid rubbing or scratching the treated area and keep it clean and moisturized.

Sunscreen should applied to the area to avoid any pigmentation change. The recovery process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, but it is vital to avoid any activities that could cause trauma to the treated area until it is fully healed.