Lash Mapping Styles According To Every Face | Must Read

There are various lash mapping styles for different eye shapes, people can choose the best lash mapping style to suit their eye shape. Here is a complete guide about lash mapping and also about lash mapping styles. So, must read this.

Lash Mapping

Lash mapping is a beauty technique for planning which lengths, curls, and thicknesses of lashes an artist will use, in order to create a fabulous set of lash extensions with the different styles and the level of drama that the client desires and it is also suited to their natural eye shape and eyelashes. The lash map is also named lash mapping, lash extensions mapping, and eyelash mapping.

How To Read Eyelash Map?

It is very easy to read an eyelash map, to know the lengths of eyelash extensions needed for this set of eyelashes. The artist can see the numbers on the eyelash mapping, and the number means the length of the eyelash extension.

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You also can see the segments marked on the eye lash maps, and numbers are written right inside each segment, that is starting from the inner corner and finishing at the outer corner. Please acknowledge the right eye and left eye, do not be confused about the direction.

When artists apply for lash extensions, they must follow lash mapping, which depicts the look while the client is closing their eyes. This will help to decide what lash extension lengths to employ to get the desired lash style.

Lash Mapping Styles

These are some very popular eye lash mapping styles for people to consider when they want to do lash extensions. There are many different lash extension mapping styles that are great guidelines for artists to use on clients, however, every eye is different so make sure to select the design according to eye shape and eyelash thickness. But after the procedure, the client must need to follow eyelash extensions aftercare rules for better results.

Generally, there are 5 lash mapping styles are following as:

1. Doll Lash

Using longer lengths throughout the mid-section of the eyelashes creates the appearance of bigger, more open eyes. In this style, the artist can also use a curlier eyelash in the middle section. Doll eyelash mapping is perfect for wide-set and almond eyes.

2. Cat Lash

Use the longest-length lashes on the outside edge of the eyelashes to create the illusion of bigger eyes. Drop down 1-2mm on the far outer corner since these lashes are frequently smaller or weaker, causing them to fall faster. Cat eye lash map is perfect for almond round and close-set eyes.

3. Squirrel Lash

The squirrel lash look is achieved by starting with short lashes and progressively lengthening them, with the longest length around the midway point, and then gradually shortening them again towards the outer eye. Squirrel lash mapping is perfect for almond, hooded, close-set, protruding, downturned, and round eyes.

4. Kim K Lash

Kim K Lash Mapping is one of the most popular lash mapping styles. It involves placing longer lengths in different sections of the eyes to create a wispy set. It is perfect for round and almond eyes.

5. Beachy or Hybrid Lash

It is very similar to the Kim K lash style but slightly more natural. This versatile eyelash look is created with Classic eyelashes or Russian eyelashes or both eyelash techniques. Beachy or hybrid lash mapping is perfect for round and almond eyes.

Lash Mapping Advantages

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Here are some advantages of different eye lash mapping styles.

  1. Keep things clear.
  2. Design lashing style.
  3. Save time.
  4. Create the right look.
  5. Select the right length.
  6. Prevent mistakes.

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FAQs About Lash Mapping Styles

Here are some common questions related to lash mapping for eye shapes. Must read the following.

1. Are Lash Mapping Styles The Same For All Eye Shapes?

No, lash mapping styles are not the same for all eye shapes. Each eye shape has different eyelash mapping styles that cater to the specific shape of the eye to create a natural and flattering look. Lash map styles can customize based on the individual’s eye shape, the type of look they want, and the length and thickness of their lashes.

2. How Does The Thickness Of Natural Lashes Impact Lash Mapping Style?

Eyelash mapping styles are tailored to each individual, considering their natural lash thickness. Thicker natural lashes can handle more weight and length, allowing for more dramatic styles, while thinner lashes may require a lighter, more natural look to avoid damage. A lash mapping style appropriate for someone with thicker lashes may not suit someone with thinner lashes and vice versa.

Image source: Instagram @sara.baseri.pmu

3. How Long Does It Take To Create a Lash Mapping Style?

The time it takes to create a lash mapping style varies and depends on various factors, such as the skills and experience of the lash artist, the complexity of the desired style, and the condition of the lashes. On average, the process can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

4. Can Lash Mapping Styles Be Used To Enhance Or Correct Asymmetrical Eyes?

Yes, lashmaps style can enhance or correct asymmetrical eyes. By carefully considering the unique features of each eye, a lash artist can create a custom lash map that evenly distributes the lashes and enhances the overall appearance of the eyes. However, seeking a professional lash artist is suggest to ensure the best results.

5. What Is The Best Lash Mapping Style For Hooded Eyes?

It is best to consult a professional lash stylist to determine the best lash mapping style for hooded eyes. The technique and style may vary depending on the individual’s eye shape, natural lash thickness, and desired look. However, a common technique for hooded eyes is to create a lifting effect by using longer lashes on the outer corners and shorter lashes on the inner corners.

Main Takeaways

Lash mapping is basically a very important eyelash tool for lash artists working in a beauty salon. Lash mapping of lash extensions for the clients is basically important, it is a must to do no matter how experienced you are in this field, artists need to map the eyelash styling ahead of the process. If the client does not like the lash style then there is an option to remove eyelash extensions.