The Secret to a Successful Microblading Healing Process

Microblading is a type of brow tattoo, so you may think that it will be on your face forever but the pigment does not stay there forever, it starts fading after some time. The microblading healing process is not done in the same way as a traditional body tattoo healing process. Here’s a complete guide about the microblading healing process day by day you must need to read.

Day By Day Microblading Healing Process

Now that you are aware of the things that understand the microbladed eyebrows healing process. You will have a follow-up in 6 weeks with an annual touch-up, and the entire healing process is about 30 to 40 days long.

Microblading Healing Process: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s see how the day by day microblading healing process is:

Days 1 to 3

During days 1 to 3, your eyebrows look fuller, and through your face, you’ll likely experience:

  1. Redness.
  2. Tenderness.
  3. Mild Swelling.
  4. Mild Bleeding.

Days 3 to 5

During days 3 to 5, your eyebrows will darken, thicken and look very bold.

Days 5 to 8

During days 5 to 8, you can experience scabbing, flaking, and microblading peeling.

Days 8 to 12

During days 8 to 12, the flaking will gradually end, and color returns.

Days 12 to 21

During days 12 to 21, the color and texture of your eyebrows look more natural and even.

Days 21 to 30

During days 21 to 30, your skin is fully healed. You shouldn’t feel any pain or discomfort. Your eyebrows should also look fuller and soft.

How Long Does It Take For Microblading To Heal?

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When people get a microblading process they also think about how long does microblading take to heal. Microblading takes up to 6 weeks to heal completely, but it is individual because everyone skin heals differently. If you don’t know anything about the microblading healing process, it is time to get informed and find out how long microblading day by day takes to heal.

Microblading Eyebrows Shapes

Microblading has evolved so much over the years that there are now many variations and different types of microblading you can get. This is great because if you’re getting permanent brows, you have many options to select from and you can get your brows looking exactly what you want.

Microblading Healing Stages

Your eyebrows will go through different stages of the microblading healing process. Here are the microblading healing stages.

Stage 1: Dark Stage

Day after microblading, your eyebrows will appear too dark and it will last for up to 5 days. You may be unsatisfied with the color, but don’t worry – your eyebrows will fade 30-50% when the microblading healing process is over.

Stage 2: Scabbing Stage

The scabbing stage of the microblading eyebrows healing process is the most annoying. It usually starts 4 days after the treatment and lasts up to 9 days. During the microblading healing time, you will notice flakes and scabs that will also take some pigments. It is important not to touch the scabs and let them heal off on their own.

Stage 3: Light Stage

After all the scabs fall off, your eyebrows will look too light, and a few people even claim that their healing process of microblading completely disappeared after scabbing, this is a normal part of the stages of microblading healing. The pigment will reappear, and you’ll see the results of microblading, but it’s not final. the important results are seen after 6 weeks.

Stage 4: The Pigments Reappears

Your eyebrows are taking their final shape and after 6 weeks you’ll see real results.

Not To Do During Microblading Healing Process

  1. Avoid swimming.
  2. Avoid open-air vehicles for 10 days.
  3. Avoid excess touching of the brow area.
  4. Avoid increased sweating and exercise.
  5. Avoid playing sports and tanning for 10 days.
  6. Avoid laser and chemical treatments for 10 days.
  7. Avoid getting water, lotion, soap, and makeup on the brow area for 10 days.
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Microblading Aftercare

After the healing process of microblading, aftercare for healing microbladed brows is very important to the durability and appearance of your new eyebrows. Microblading Artists told about microblading aftercare day-by-day routine to their clients and also suggest they follow microblading aftercare rules properly.

Microblading Healing Process After Touch-up

It is normal for permanent makeup to dim over time. Therefore, after your initial microblading process, you will need regular touch-ups. This may maintain the color, definition, and shape of your brows. Generally, it’s recommended to urge a touch-up every 12 to 18 months. But the simplest frequency depends on your preferred look.

It also depends on your skin and how holds the pigment. For a few people, the pigment may fade quickly, requiring more frequent touch-ups. Compared to your first session, a touch-up is actually the same procedure but on a smaller scale. It’s done on some areas rather than the whole brow. You will expect a similar healing process, though some people report shorter healing time for microblading after touch-ups most are different. Microblading touch-up healing process day by day is a little bit different from initial microblading healing.

What Happens When Microblading Fades?

Your microblading is a semi-permanent makeup treatment, will fade over time, leaving an orange or salmon-toned shade behind. It’s not easy to completely remove this color usually a series of laser treatments are required, but covering it up is easier than you think – even without makeup.

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What To Use After Microblading Healing Process?

The things that you can use after microblading are the following.

  1. Apply coconut oil to microbladed eyebrows twice a day until healed.
  2. Keep the treated area clean and dry.
  3. Avoid touching the brows, rubbing, picking, or wetting the eyebrow area for a week to 10 days.
  4. Keep away from any harsh skincare products at least for 10 days.

Microblading Healing Process – Takeaway

After your initial microblading session, your skin should heal in 20 to 30 days. The eyebrow microblading healing process will likely feel painful and tender at the start, but this will go away after a few days. Your eyebrows will also darken and lighten before revealing their final pigment. If you have any concerns, reach out to your doctor. People must need to follow the microblading after care instructions for better results.

FAQ’S About Microblading Healing Process

There are some common questions about the healing process for microblading. Must read the following.

1. Why Does Microblading Disappear During Healing?

You may notice some scabbing of skin near the brow area after 7-14 days of the microblading eyebrow healing process. Many times, when the skin flakes off, the microblading strokes disappear. This is normal during the microblading healing process. This is due to the presence of a thick layer of protective skin that forms a veil over the pigment.

2. When Can I Exercise After Microblading?

You must be away from exercising for 7 days after microblading eyebrows. Light exercise is permitted (minimal sweating), but you must immediately clean the microbladed brows with lukewarm water afterward. Sweat contains salt, which quickly fades the pigment and produces poor results.

3. Will My Microblading Fade?

Over time, the pigments used in microblading fade. Touch-ups can help with maintenance, but you may prefer to wait until the pigment has almost completely faded before repeating the procedure.