Microblading Touch Up: How Does it Work and What to Expect

The microblading procedure is incomplete without the touch-up session. In this article, you can find out everything about the microblading touch-up – cost, effects, the healing procedure, and aftercare.

Why Does Microblading Touch Up Need?

The skin takes some time to heal after a microblading procedure. During that period, your brows will go through some phases. First, the brows will be too dark, then the brows will start scabbing, and finally, will lose some of the pigment and you might think your microblading was unsuccessful.

The color comes back at the end of the healing process, but sometimes it can be patchy and uneven, as some of the colors could come off with the scabs. Everyone’s skin heals differently and some people might notice gaps and irregularities after the eyebrows are healed.

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The first touch-up includes adding additional strokes where the color did not settle properly. Sometimes. if the artist assesses color strokes won’t retain even after the second implementation, they will suggest adding microshading.

The touch up microblading corrects all the possible imperfections. Its purpose is to fix things that went wrong during the healing time. It is also an opportunity to make some modifications, in case you feel the color or shape of the brows is not quite right yet.

What Happens When Microblading Touch Up Not Done?

When you do not get the first touch-up, your eyebrows will stay the way they turned out once the skin has healed – uneven and patchy.

If you do not touch them up ever again, brows will fade within 6 to 12 months.

When Is the First Microblading Touch Up Done?

The first microblading eyebrow touch up is done after the healing process is over. The healing time varies from person to person. Generally, it takes from 28 to 42 days for the skin to heal, but in some cases, it could take as long as 56 days.

The touch-up should be done no earlier than 4 weeks and no later than 8 weeks after the first procedure. Most artists book touch-ups about 5 to 7 weeks after the initial procedure.

When you shouldn’t schedule a touch-up before your eyebrows have fully healed and the colour has set in. The skin is at risk of scarring before it heals completely.

Microblading Touch Up Process Last

Microblading touch up healing time usually last about an hour. The touch-up won’t last as long as the initial procedure because only certain areas need to be fixed.

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The time touch-up will take, depends on the area that needs retouching. Whether only strokes need refilling or some shading needs to be added too.

Microblading Touch-Up Healing Process

The microblading healing process after touch up is much shorter than the initial microblading healing process since the treatment is not much intense and less trauma to the skin.

Usually, it takes 5 to 7 days and is also less complicated than the initial one.

It does not include as much scabbing and the results are visible quite soon. There is less redness, itchiness, and irritation that can happen during microblading touch-up healing period.

Microblading Touch Up Aftercare

The microblading touch up aftercare routine is similar to the initial microblading aftercare instructions are as:

  1. Clean and moisturize the surface area.
  2. Avoid makeup, sweating, and sun exposure.
  3. Don’t take long showers.
  4. Try to avoid rubbing and scratching the treated area for a couple of days.

Microbladed Brows Last After Retouching

Microblading is only similar to a tattoo, but the colour is not inserted as deep, and it is gradually broken down by the body. That is why microblading fades away after some time.

Microblading does not last forever because it is a semi-permanent makeup technique. Microbladed brows generally last 12 to 18 months, but sometimes they may last as long as 3 years.

The factors that affect microblading longevity are:

  1. Skin Texture.
  2. Skincare Routine.
  3. Lifestyle.
  4. Touch-ups Appointments.

First Microblading Touch Up Cost

Microblading touchup cost varies according to the location. It depends on the reputation, and experience of the artist, the popularity of the salon, and the quality of the material used.

Some artists consider microblading a 2 step procedure, so they include the first touch-up in the initial cost. The average cost of the microblading treatment is $600, but it can go up to $2000.

Does Need More Than One Touch Up?

If you want your microbladed brows to last as long as possible, book a regular microblading retouch. The color will definitely start to fade away after some time and the speed of fading depends on your skin texture and your lifestyle.

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If you want to let your microbladed brows fade rapidly, just skip additional touch-up appointments. If you don’t like how your microbladed eyebrows look and don’t want to fix them or wait for them to fade on their own, you can try microblading removal or fading.

Main Takeaways

Eyebrow microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure that involves getting your eyebrows microbladed. After the initial microblading treatment, it’s essential to follow the aftercare instructions diligently, especially during the initial healing phase that takes about 6-8 weeks. This part of the healing process is crucial to achieve the desired brow shape and color.

While microblading is a form of tattooing, it’s important to note that the pigment fades over time, which is why a microblading touch-up session is included in the price. This touch-up appointment, typically done after a few weeks, ensures that your microbladed eyebrows last longer and maintain their perfect shape and color. If you’re considering getting microblading done, it’s important to be a suitable candidate for the procedure and to know how to take care of your eyebrows to extend their longevity.

Remember, the microblading experience is not a one-time event; it may require additional touch-ups to keep your eyebrows looking their best. While you may have questions about microblading, it’s essential to trust the process and follow the aftercare instructions provided by your microblading clinic to predict what to expect and enjoy the benefits of this transformative beauty treatment.


1. Does Microblading Touch-Up Heal Faster?

A touch-up may heal faster than the initial procedure because the skin may have already been primed for the process and may be less sensitive. However, healing times can vary greatly depending on skin type and aftercare factors.

It’s always best to consult the technician who performed your retouch or a dermatologist for more specific information about the healing process.

2. How Does Microbading Look After Touch Up?

The appearance of microblading after touch-up can vary depending on the individual and the specific technique used by the technician. In general, the goal of a touch-up is to refresh the colour and shape of the eyebrows, making them look more defined and natural. The colour should appear more vibrant, and the shape should be more precise.

3. What Is The Difference Between Powder Brows Touch Up And Microblading Retouch?

Both techniques require touch-ups to maintain the desired look, but the touch-ups will be different for both methods. Microblading retouches are typically done every 12-18 months, while powder brows touch-ups may be needed every 1-3 years. The colour will fade over time, strokes may blur, and new hair growth can affect the overall shape.