Ombre Brows: Healing Process, Aftercare, Pros, And Cons

Ombre brows look great and can last a long time if taken care of properly. Here’s a complete guide about ombre eyebrows you must need to know.

What Are Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows tattoo also known as ombre powder eyebrows and ombre shading brows—refer to a semi-permanent method of shading the brow to perfect their shape, fill in sparse areas, and create a gradient effect.

Microshading gives great definition & proper depth to the eyebrows. Ombre powder brows procedure particularly recommended for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow.

How to Prepare for Ombre Eyebrows

For preparing your initial ombre brow appointment one of the most important things is to make sure your brows come out looking as best as they possibly can.

Here are 6 easy pre-care steps that you’ll want to follow:

  1. Hydrate And Eat A Healthy Meal.
  2. Cleanse Your Face.
  3. Wash Your Hair.
  4. Prep Brows.
  5. How Up For the Appointment On Time.
  6. Communicate With Your Eyebrow Artist.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you are fully prepared for your ombre brow procedure and achieve the best results possible.

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Don’t Do Before Getting Ombre Eyebrow Done

A lot of things that you should not do before getting ombre eyebrows done are the following:

  1. Do Not Work Out On the Day of the Appointment.
  2. Do Not Wax Brows 7 Days Before the Appointment.
  3. Do Not Drink Caffeine on the Day of the Appointment.
  4. Do Not Go Tanning Thirty Days Before the Appointment.
  5. Do Not Drink Alcohol 24 Hours Before the Appointment.

By avoiding these things, you can ensure that your skin is in the best possible condition for this procedure and minimize the risk of any complications or discomfort.

Benefits of Ombre Brows

The benefits of powder ombre brows are the following:

  1. Your Eyebrow Will Look More Defined.
  2. Require a Few Touch-up Appointments.
  3. Ombre Powder Brows Are Best For All Skin Types.
  4. Ombre Powder Is Less Pain Full Than Microblading.

Side Effects of Ombre Brows

Ombre powder brows have tangible side effects that are instantly visible. The primary experience side effects of ombre shading eyebrows are the following:

  1. Redness.
  2. Slight Swelling.
  3. Itchiness.
  4. Crusts.
  5. Dryness.
  6. Irritation.
  7. Rapid Pigment Fading.
  8. Darker Color.

Ombre Eyebrows Healing Process

The ombre powder healing process can be different and slightly extensive. It is very helpful to know about each stage of the ombre brows healing process.

Days 1 and 2

During days 1 and 2 of ombre powder healing, mild irritation is the first symptom that you’ll notice.

Do not scratch, pick, or touch your eyebrows. This can cause the eyebrows not to heal properly, and may even cause infection.

Days 3 and 4

During days 3 and 4 of the ombre eyebrow healing process, you’ll notice that your eyebrows are much darker. Don’t worry about this because it’s a completely normal and common part of the ombre eyebrows healing process.

You can apply ointment during this stage to relieve the irritation. Scabbing may also occur at this stage so the ointment will help with this.

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Days 5 to 7

You notice your brows scabbing and flaking mostly on the frontal part and tails. These are usual reactions when the skin heals. The scabs will slowly start to fall down – when they’re ready. You will lose some pigment and the shade will look much lighter. This stage is definitely the hardest of the entire process.

Days 8 to 10

The scabbing process is progressing. If you still see redness around your brows, your skin is still healing. The pigment color during these days may look too light or even grey and missing in some spots.

Days 15 to 30

Brows healing stages is almost complete. The surface evens out and the color returns. Eyebrows should look soft and natural. At this time, you can decide if there is anything you want to change or add.

Ombre Powder Eyebrows Aftercare

Here are some basic rules for ombre brows aftercare:

  1. Do not touch, scratch, or rub your ombre brow powder.
  2. No makeup or cosmetics for the treated region.
  3. Don’t pick any protrusions or scabs in the eyebrow region.
  4. Do not sleep on your face.
  5. Avoid activities that cause sweating.
  6. Protect your eyebrows from dirt, dust, and other elements.
  7. No swimming pools, or long hot water showers.
  8. Don’t go out in the sun for long durations.
  9. It is recommended to avoid other facial treatments until the powder brows are fully healed.

How Long Do Ombre Brows Last?

You will be happy to hear that an ombre eyebrow last for 1 to 3 years. Ombre powder brows treatment  usually last around will depend on your skin type and lifestyle also. The longevity of ombre brows can vary depending on several factors, including the individual’s skin type, lifestyle habits, and aftercare routine.

The pigment used to create ombre brows is deposited into the skin’s upper layer, which naturally sheds off over time. Thus, the brows’ color will gradually wane and become less intense. The shape and color of the ombre eyebrows may require touch-up appointments every 12 to 18 months for maintenance.

Overall, the lifespan can differ from person to person, but they can live for several years with the right maintenance of powder brow aftercare.

Ombre Eyebrows Cost

Generally, ombre brows cost is typically determined by the location of the individual receiving the service. The average ombre powder brows price is often between $500 and $1,000.

It’s crucial to remember that, even though price should be taken into account when selecting an artist, it shouldn’t be the only one. Selecting an accomplished artist who works with premium pigments and strictly adheres to safety regulations is crucial. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the best results while minimizing any risks or complications.

To maintain the color and shape of your ombre eyebrows over time, many artists may also include touch-up appointments as part of the overall fee.

Overall, while the ombre brows cost may seem high, it’s an investment in your appearance and can provide long-lasting results with proper care and maintenance.

Ombre Brows vs Microblading 

Most people think what is difference between microblading and ombre brows and which is best ombre brows vs microblading.

Ombre microshading involves using a small machine to apply very thin dots of pigment along the eyebrows, creating the appearance of definition and depth. On the other hand, microblading is a permanent makeup technique that uses a thin, handheld needle to produce natural-looking hair strokes. Since microblading employs a manual tool instead of a machine, it offers a wider range of customization options.

Ombre powder brows creates a dotted effect using pigments and creates a natural-looking filled-in appearance for eyebrows. On the other hand, microblading involves using a handheld needle to create realistic hair strokes that shape and fill in the eyebrows with the desired color and depth permanently.

Both microblading and ombre shading share similarities in terms of enhancing the appearance of eyebrows, but the focus of microblading is on creating a permanent shape and fullness.

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Ombre Tattoos Brows – Main Takeaways

Semi-permanent eyebrow styling eliminates the need to fill in your eyebrows every day, which can be a significant source of stress. The semi-permanent eyebrow styling treatment offers numerous benefits, including beautifully shaped eyebrows that can last for an extended period of time. This means that you no longer have to spend time every day applying makeup to your brows, thus saving time and effort in your daily routine.

By undergoing this treatment, you can ensure that your eyebrows always look their best without the hassle of daily makeup application. Ombre vs microblading, ombre eyebrows are the best option for fuller eyebrows, natural, and finding the best and most experienced artist is the key to owning a flawless style.

FAQ About Ombre Eyebrow Tattoos

Some frequently asked questions about ombre tattoo eyebrows include:

1. How Long Does The Ombre Eyebrow Tattoo Treatment Take?

The ombre powder brow tattoo treatment involves several steps that require the artist’s careful attention. These steps include shaping and outlining the eyebrows, selecting the most suitable pigment color, and utilizing a specialized tattooing machine to apply the pigment gradually and create the desired gradient effect for the ombre look.

The duration of the treatment may vary depending on various factors, including the chosen technique, the artist’s level of experience, the client’s skin type, and the desired outcome.

2. How Do I Care For My Ombre Powdered Brows?

It is crucial to take certain precautions after undergoing the ombre powder brows treatment. To ensure the best possible outcome from the ombre brows treatment shading, it is recommended that patients take certain precautions. This includes avoiding activities that may cause sweating, such as vigorous exercise, as well as swimming and exposing the treated area to direct sunlight for a minimum of seven to ten days.

During this ombre eyebrow healing period process, it is also advisable to abstain from using any skincare products or cosmetics on the eyebrows. Adhering to these guidelines can help to promote proper healing and ensure optimal, long-lasting results from the treatment.

3. Can Anyone Get Ombre Eye Brows?

While eyebrow ombre is generally suitable for most people, individuals with sensitive skin, specific medical conditions, or those who are pregnant or breastfeeding may not be suitable candidates for the treatment. It is essential to consult with a trained professional before undergoing any semi-permanent makeup procedure to ensure safety and suitability.

4. Is Eyebrow Ombre Shading Painful?

During the ombre eyebrows procedure, some patients may experience discomfort or slight pain. Discomfort or slight pain during the ombre eyebrows procedure can be managed through the use of a numbing cream. Before starting the ombre shading eyebrows treatment, a numbing cream is generally applied to the treated area to reduce any discomfort and make the procedure more comfortable for the client. The purpose of the cream is to numb the skin and minimize any discomfort or pain during the treatment.

Although some individuals may still experience mild discomfort, using a numbing cream can significantly alleviate any pain during the procedure. To ensure your comfort throughout the process, your technician will discuss pain management options with you before the treatment.