Bad Henna Brows: How To Avoid And Fix It

Bad henna brows can happen if the henna dye is left on for too long due to adverse effects, or insufficient precision when applying it to eyebrows. In this article, we are going to go over how to avoid and fix bad henna brows.

Henna Brows

Henna brows are a semi-permanent brow enhancement process that is done by applying a dye of natural origins to the eyebrows. Sometimes, it is called a semi-permanent eyebrows tattoo, but it doesn’t involve any skincare breaking – the dye stays on the surface of the skin.

Henna brows are a very simple and less invasive process. It lasts a limited time and risks are extremely low, but bad henna eyebrows can still happen.

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Can Bad Henna Brows Happen?

Yes, bad henna eyebrows can happen but the risks are very low. Most cases of bad henna eyebrows deal easily and are not too much serious, apart from the chance of an allergic reaction or skin irritation.

Signs of Bad Henna Brows

The 3 major signs of bad henna brows are as:

1. Uneven Brows

Having one eyebrow thicker or slightly thinner than the other natural-looking brow is a sign of a bad henna eyebrow. The eyebrows should be even and of the same shape to look pretty.

2. Very Thick Tinted Brows

Eyebrows that are extremely thick after a henna procedure can look a bit ridiculous. The client may feel embarrassed by the intensity of the eyebrows. They overpower the eyes, and eyebrows are the first thing people notice when they look at the face because people already have full eyebrows. Extremely thick or thin eyebrows are easily noticed by people, hence the need to avoid and fix them.

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3. Extra-Dark Tint

A henna brow procedure should be neat. The overly dark color is a beauty disaster since henna brows can last for weeks. Most of the time, a dark color is an indication that too much henna was used. Additionally, too much henna may cause an allergic reaction or itchy eyebrows.

How to Fix Bad Henna Brows 

Fixing botched brows is difficult and it requires a lot of time and patience. You should avoid scrubbing off the henna eyebrows or using different products that help to remove it.

Here are a few ways that you can try to fix bad henna eyebrows.

Go Back to the Artist For a Re-Do

Visit the artist and ask for a correction. A reputable salon will have the henna treatment repeated without charging you an extra fee it varies depending on your location.

Apply Silicone-Based Toner On Bad Henna Brows

To lighten the henna full eyebrows, should apply a small amount of silicone-based makeup remover on the brows. This should help to resolve the situation within a few days. People also think Makeup cleansers like micellar water cleanse the brow’s skin and break down henna color and helping get rid of the henna faster.

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Apply Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos helps to remove the particles of products like henna and dye. Must use the brush to apply the shampoo to the eyebrows. This process repeats every day and then washes off the henna brows. When henna goes lighter, it looks better enhance the appearance.

Apply Baby Oil

Most baby oils are skin-friendly and do not react with the skin. Apply the baby oil to the eyebrows with a cotton pad and let it soak for a few minutes daily. This will lighten the henna pigment, dead skin cells and decrease the henna brows last.

Apply Exfoliating Scrubs

Exfoliation scrubs help to get rid of the top layers of the skin. Since brow henna is only at the surface, so applying an exfoliating scrub to the eyebrows will help to eliminate most of the henna tint.

Bad Henna Eyebrow Tattoo – Main Takeaways

Unlike actual eyebrow tattoos, overall appearance bad henna eyebrows are not that serious. The way to avoid henna eyebrows gone wrong is to book a professional treatment and let the artist worry about everything. Just make sure your artist must do a patch test and follow the instructions provided with the kit.


1. How Long Do Henna Brows Last?

Henna brows tint typically lasts up to 6 weeks, depending on the individual’s skin and hair type. However, it is essential to note that the duration of henna eyebrow tint can vary depending on factors such as the amount of oil produced by the skin, exposure to water, sunlight, and other external factors.

2. Can You Use Henna Brow Tint On Both Hair And Skin?

You can use brow henna tint on hair and skin, but it primarily serves to color eyebrows. People also use Henna to create temporary brow tattooing or dye the skin around their eyebrows to achieve a fuller or more defined look.

On hair, henna hack is used to add color to eyebrows and other hair. It is important to note that when using henna on the skin, it is essential to do a patch test first to check for any allergic reactions.

3. Is There Any Difference Between Henna Tint And Henna Brow Tint?

Yes, there is a difference between henna tint and henna brow tint. The henna tint is a temporary hair dye made from a plant-based powder used to color the hair on the head because its semi-permanent makeup.

Henna brow tint is specifically formulated for use on the eyebrows and is used to darken or enhance the color of the eyebrows. Both are safe to use, but the formulations and application methods are different, and cannot use in place of the other.

4. Can You Use Henna Tinting Eyebrow On Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive-skinned people can use henna for eyebrows, but they must first perform a patch test to be sure there will be no reaction.

Additionally, it is important to use a natural and pure henna powder, as some henna products on the market may contain cosmetic chemicals or additives that can irritate sensitive skin. If you are unsure and you are allergic to henna, it is best to consult a dermatologist before using it.

5. How To Remove Henna From Eyebrows?

One way to remove henna tint eyebrows is to apply a mixture of equal parts lemon juice and sugar to the area and gently rub it in. Leave the mixture for 15-20 minutes, then rinse it with warm water. Repeat this process until the henna has faded. Another method is to use an oil-based makeup remover or baby oil to break down and remove the henna.

However, it is important to note that removing bad henna eyebrows can be time-consuming and may cause irritation. It is important to seek the help of a professional if you want to remove henna from your eyebrows.