Henna Brows Ultimate Guide, Process, Aftercare And Cost

Henna is used to dye hair and skin for hundreds of years. If you have not know about henna brows, there is a complete guide about henna eyebrows.

Introduction of Henna Brows

Henna brows are a type of tinting that discolor the skin giving you tinted hairs for up to 6 weeks. Shade on the skin that can last anywhere from 2-10 days. Henna on eyebrows is a  great way to try out a shape before performing semi-permanent makeup if you want your eyebrows shaped and filled temporarily.

The Henna has been around for thousands of years and is also used to dye hair, body art, and makeup. A lot of people think henna gives red color but henna on eyebrows is especially worked out to give a more cool color that is absolutely perfect for eyebrows.

Henna Brows Process

Henna Brows
Henna Brows Process

The process of Henna’s eyebrows step by step the following;

Brow shaping:

In the first step of the process of henna’s for eyebrows, your eyebrows are shaped with hair removal. Threading, waxing, and tweezing is the best hair removal method.

Scrub and Cleaning:

In the second step of eyebrow henna remove any oils from the skin. The skin of the brows is smooth and clean from makeup.


The henna stains the skin allowing for a slight tempering of the arch shape. Applied a bit outside of the natural hairs, it can add thickness to the arches and look slightly more angled. Draws the outline of the desired brow shape and filled with henna.

Applying Henna:

Finally, the henna on the eyebrows is applied with an angled brush. Apply a thick layer. They should go back and apply enough pressure on the brush to allow the henna to reach the skin of the brow. If the client’s brows are fuller, the outline is wiped off with a cotton swab to get clean the area. The color was left for 10 to 20 minutes.


When the henna on the eyebrows is dry, it removes with a damp cotton pad and stylish shaded brow are disclosed.

Henna Brow Aftercare

Image source: Instagram @henna_eyebrows_eia

24 hours after the treatment the following things are not to do. Must follow aftercare instructions to avoid bad henna eyebrows.

1. Avoid washing the soaked area for 24 hours
2. Avoid sun exposure to the area for 24 hours because it causes premature fading
3. Avoid swimming after treatment 24 hours
4. Avoid removing oil-based makeup
5. Don’t rub the tinted area again and again

Henna Brows Pros and Cons

Here are the main pros and cons of henna eyebrows:

Pros :

  1. Henna eyebrows tint and dye the skin giving you a fuller too
  2. Henna eyebrows are great for those that have scanty or over-plucked brow
  3. Dying eyebrows with henna can inspire hair to grow back fuller in all the right places
  4. Henna eyebrows are the best option for sensitive skin
  5. Henna will last on the hair for up to 6 weeks
  6. Henna can tint the skin easily carried from 2-10 days
  7. Henna takes beautifully to grey hairs
Image source: Instagram @henna_browss


  1. Oily skin is not the best for henna brow
  2. People with very small brow hair would not see long-lasting results

How Long Does Henna Brows Last

Henna brows last depend on two effects are the following:

  1. Coloring the hairs
  2. staining the skin

Coloring the Hairs:

The hairs can possibly stay colored for up to 8 weeks, but they usually go back to their natural color after 5 weeks.

Staining the skin:

The stain of the skin can possibly last up to 2 weeks but they usually fade away after 7 to 10 days.

Henna Brows Cost

Henna Brow treatment cost ranges are $35 to $75 depending on the location and level of reputation of the salon.

Los Angeles, California $75
New York City, New York $60
Chicago, Illinois $60
Miami, Florida $60
Boston, Massachusetts $70
Washington, DC $50
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $40
Detroit, Michigan $35
Dallas, Texas $55
Atlanta, Georgia $45
Henna Brows Cost in Different City and states in USA

Henna Brows vs Microblading

Eyebrows henna is a natural and non-permanent eyebrow procedure that involves the use of various shades of henna plant to create a well-defined lasting stain on the eyebrows while microblading is a kind of tattoo that has to do with implanting pigment into the skin of the brow using a manual tool.

Henna Brows Vs Brow Tint

Eyebrows henna is a semi-permanent procedure that lasts up to two weeks on the skin and up to 4 weeks on the brow’s hair. It adheres and has a longer processing time. Eyebrows tint is a semi-permanent solution that lasts up to 2 weeks on the brow’s hair and lightly stains the skin of the brow for 1 or 2 days.


The henna brow is perfect for most people. Their strength and good looks are the driving factors for their preference. Every henna user would love to look good, and also taking a record of a few precautions and maintaining them well will help keep your beauty last.

Image source: Instagram @skynallure

Using the right tools like tweezers will be a big boost then henna brow better work, get yourself a professional in the henna field to have the work done perfectly.

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FAQs About Henna Brows

Here are some common questions related to henna brow care. Must read the following.

1. What Is The Difference Between Henna Tint And Traditional Dye For Eyebrows?

Henna eyebrow tint, made from henna plant leaves, is natural. Semi-permanent coloring fades but may not be removed entirely. The henna brow tint is safe for all skin types, including sensitive ones. Brow henna tint darkens, fills, and reshapes eyebrows without irritating the skin.

Traditional hair dye is chemical-based. Therefore it dyes eyebrows permanently but is harsh on the skin. Sensitive skin and hair dye allergy sufferers should avoid it. Traditional dyes are harsher and can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, but they produce more predictable colors.

2. Are There Any Precautions Before Henna Tinting Eyebrows?

Before using henna to color their eyebrows, individuals do need to observe certain safety precautions.

  1. To prevent skin irritation or staining, one should avoid tanning or exposure to the sun for at least 24 hours before the treatment.
  2. Before the treatment, it is advised against having your hair bleached, permed, or relaxed.
  3. To ensure that the henna eyebrows tint is applied to a clean surface, one should take off all makeup before the treatment.
  4. It’s crucial to understand the henna’s ingredients and confirm that none of them cause allergies in you.

3. How Does The Healing Process Of Henna Tattoo Eyebrows Compare To Traditional Tattooed Eyebrows?

Henna eyebrow tattoo heal faster than traditional ones. Additionally, henna tattoos are applied to the skin, while traditional tattoos are injected. Henna-tattooed eyebrows heal faster and with less pain. So henna tattoos usually look darker for a few days before fading to a more natural color. Avoid sweating, swimming, and sun exposure for 7-10 days to heal.

Traditional tattooed eyebrows may cause more swelling, redness, and scabbing. Avoid sweating, swimming, and sun exposure for 2-4 weeks to heal. Traditional tattoos start darker and lighten over time.

4. Can I Reapply Henna Tattoos On my Eyebrows After They Have Faded?

Yes, henna tattoos on eyebrows can be reapplied after fading. Henna eyebrows fading is a semi-permanent coloring that will fade over time, but the pigments can be reapplied. However, waiting until the previous henna has completely faded is essential before reapplying. It ensures that the new henna color is applied evenly and the outcome is more predictable.