Combination Brows Ultimate Guide, Lifespan, Cost, And Facts

Combo brows are sometimes called combination brows or hybrid brows. Combination brows are created using manual and automated equipment that inject pigment into your skin. Since the colors are of nature and don’t pierce as deeply as regular tattoo ink, they eventually fade.

What Are Combination Brows?

Combination brows are made using microblading and microshading procedures including they are appealing while still appearing natural and having a slightly powdery texture.

What Makes Them Unique?

People who genuinely want the hair stroke eyebrow look but are not ideal candidates for microblading alone are increasingly turning to combination brows. Combo eyebrows give people with oily complexion hair strokes and some powdery shading, which is fantastic. Oily skin is not ideal for microblading since the hair strokes eventually blur.

How Are Combination Brows Made?

Combo brows can be made in a variety of methods by artists. Most begin by blading, using either a manual tool or a machine. They say this is the simpler method since they can design the skeleton that way and know where to shade.

Others, however, begin with shading because they claim it produces better, more realistic results. They shade the area first, then add hair strokes to the brow’s head. The shading must be extremely light regardless of direction to produce a soft pixelated appearance. They must have an airy, light appearance. Combination eyebrows also require fewer strokes than microblading.

Image source: Instagram @kellysdreambrows

Combo Brows Good Candidates

  1. All those who adore the finished product of shading and microblading, a natural-looking brow with minimal makeup.
  2. Oily-skinned people will love this look.
  3. Oily skin will likely cause your microblading hair strokes to blur. Thus it is preferable to apply shade for better results.
  4. If there is a slight shade over an old brow tattoo, combo brows are also a fantastic way to conceal it.
  5. Only using microblading to cover over previous tattoos is not recommended because the pigment residues leave the strokes looking smudged and untidy.

Combination Brows Bad Candidate

Just like with any brow tattoo, there are some contraindications. Combo brows should not be used for:

  1. Diabetic individuals.
  2. Anybody with any bleeding condition.
  3. Individuals who use blood-thinning medication.
  4. Those who have recently undergone fillers or Botox injections.
  5. Women who are pregnant or nursing.
  6. Individuals who have a history of keloids or hypertrophic scarring.
  7. Those suffering from illnesses or viral infections.
  8. Chemotherapy patients  who have skin rashes or psoriasis close to a treated area.
  9. Individuals with recently tanned skin.

Treatment for Combo Brows

Following are some of the plans:

  1. Most artists will ask you about your medical background. Physical fitness is a requirement.
  2. For at least 48 hours before the surgery, avoid coffee and alcohol.
  3. At least one week before your treatment, stop using blood thinners (Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Niacin, Vitamin E, etc.)
  4. If the artist wants to examine the actual shape of your natural eyebrows, refrain from waxing or tinting the area at least seven days before the treatment.
  5. Before the process, you should wait at least two weeks before getting a facial or a peel.
  6. There should be at least 4 weeks between face injections and the operation.

Combination Brows Healing Process

A complete combo brows healing process day-by-day guide is as follows:

Days 1-3:

For a few days following the procedure, your brows will appear too darkish. Fear not, the pigment will only fade by 50%.

Days 3–7:

Around day 5 of the combo brow healing process, a scabby film will cover your brows. Please keep your hands off it and let the scabs come off naturally.

Days 7–12:

The scabs will begin around day 7. It might go through two peeling cycles. Avoid picking at the peeling skin.

Days 12–14:

Your brows will look too pale. This is only the ghosting stage; the color will eventually emerge.

Day 14 Onwards:

The pigment begins to reappear. This is the last stage of the combo brows healing day-by-day process. Your brows are currently taking on their final form and avoid touching healed combo brows for a few days.

Image source: Instagram @kellysdreambrows

Combo Eyebrows Retouching

The care plan covers the initial touch-up, which is necessary and completed 6 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment. Your brows may look uneven after they’ve healed and require some fine-tuning, or you may want them darker, in which case extra pigment needs to be added.

The initial touch-up is necessary because of this. When your eyebrows begin to fade, make appointments for additional touch-ups or color boosts. An annual touch-up is usually sufficient.

How Long Do Combo Brows Last Longer?

You might anticipate your combination eyebrows to last a little longer if the average lifespan of microblading is 18 months without touch-ups. You can have great eyebrows for approximately two years or even longer due to shading.

Combination Brows Treatment Risks

Since getting a cosmetic tattoo requires piercing or damaging the skin, they are all risky. Do thorough due diligence on the brow tattoo artist to prevent this. Make sure they are certified and licensed, that they utilize high-quality materials, and that they work in sanitary environments. Inexperienced artists or clients who ignore the aftercare recommendations usually result in complications.

Following the combo brow procedure, some edema and redness are typical. During the healing process, avoid touching the scabs to avoid scarring and damaging the treatment. The patch test you should perform before therapy can help to prevent allergic reactions. Although infections are extremely rare, you should consult your dermatologist and artist if you suffer unusually swollen, itchy, or red skin that doesn’t appear natural.

Can I Get Rid of Combo Brows?

It is possible to get rid of a combination brow. Currently, there are three techniques for effectively getting rid of brow tattoos:

  • Laser hair removal
  • Removal of saline
  • Removing glycolic acid

They work wonders in getting rid of old permanent makeup. However, a laser removal procedure is not an option if your brows accidentally end up wrong and you need emergency removal. Only the glycolic acid and saline extractions are permitted as last-minute removals, and only during the first 48 hours after the procedure while the brows are still healing.

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Combination Brows Cost

The combo eyebrows typically cost $600, although pricing can vary according to factors including region, the number of permanent makeup salons in the area, the artist’s skill, popularity, etc.

Combo Brows vs Microblading

Combo Brows and Microblading are both semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement techniques. The Combo eyebrows is a combination of microblading and shading combo that results in a more defined and natural appearance.

Microblading, on the other hand, entails using a handheld tool to create hair-like strokes in the skin, which can result in a more natural appearance. Both methods have a lifespan of 1-3 years, depending on skin type and aftercare.

When choosing combo brow vs microblading, take into account: Skin Type, Natural Brows, Style Preferences, and Lifestyle also.


Combination brows combine micro-shading and microblading but there are many key differences between microblading vs combo brows. All skin types can use them, and those who enjoy the powdery effect and the mix of hair strokes. The effects are exceptional, which is why they are becoming increasingly popular and in demand.

FAQs About Combination Eyebrows

Some common questions about combo eyebrows include:

1. How often should I get combination brows done?

While it varies from person to person, it is normally advised to maintain the correct form every 3 to 4 weeks.

2. Can I do my own fusion brows?

Combination eyebrows should not be done at home since it can be challenging to get the appropriate shape and symmetry without formal training and experience. It is best to consult a licensed esthetician or brow expert.

3. Is the combined brow method uncomfortable?

Depending on the person’s tolerance for pain, combo eyebrows can cause varying degrees of discomfort. Although it is typically seen as less unpleasant than threading or plucking alone, some discomfort may still be felt.