Man Microblading Ultimate Guide, Process, Result And Last

Nowadays, looking groomed is equally important to all. So if a guy who’s been looking for a way to boost his appearance, he might want to consider having some eyebrow work done. Man Microblading, sometimes called man brows embroidery, will give natural-looking eyebrows that will improve look and give a great-looking set of brows. Here is a ultimate guide you need to know about microblading for men.

What Is A Man Microblading?

Microblading men is a permanent makeup technique for the eyebrows, which means it is supposed to enhance the beauty of one’s eyebrows and the rest of the facial features, correcting any imperfections related to eyebrow shape and density.

However, if men have thinning brows or damaged brow hair follicles, due to age or overplucking, a treatment of microblading eyebrows men can be their only solution. After a certain age, male eyebrows tend to run wild or become sparse and lose volume. The results of microblading eyebrows for men give fuller look to brows, more volume, and modified arches.

Is There Any Difference?

Yes, there is a little bit of difference in the shape of man microblading. The one thing many beauty artists agree upon is that, when they are microblading man eyebrows, they prefer to outline and map the brows manually, because the shape of male eyebrows has fewer curves and it differs from women’s brows.

Image source: Instagram @mangostudioutah

That’s why beauty artists usually draw the lines by hand and then fill brows with strokes that resemble natural hairs, instead of the mathematically precise mapping they usually do on women’s microblading.

Man Microblading Procedure

Microblading eyebrows men procedure involves 3 steps that are following as.


The first step is to find the proper color. Most beauty artists will use a custom-made blend of color pigments that matches the client’s natural eyebrows color. In this way, the microbladed strokes will blend with the real brow hairs and the client won’t be able to tell the difference.


In the second step, beauty artists need to pay attention to the direction in which the hair’s strokes go and how they place each stroke in the brows. These strokes must imitate the direction of the surrounding natural brow hairs in order to provide the perfect  brows blend.


The third step is the shape of the brows. The biggest difference between male and female eyebrows is the shape of the arches. While female brows are naturally more curved, and they like to keep them perfectly sharply shaped and males tend to be a bit unruly and imperfect, and that is exactly how most of them like it.

To ensure the shape of brows will stay like that even after the microblading process, beauty artists who have experience doing eyebrow microblading for men make sure to add a few “stray” hairs here and there. They also know they should not curve the arch too much and they should follow the brows bone.

The most common issue is the lack of a tail, the outer part of the eyebrow. Elongating the tail of the eyebrows makes the whole face look more proportional. But it is important not to make the tail too sharp, so the eyebrows don’t end up looking unnatural.

Image source: Instagram @browsome4men

Selection Of the Artist for Man Microblading Procedure

It is important to find a microblading artist who does quality work without overpricing it. The best way to choosing the right microblading artist is to compare costs from several salons in the area and go for professionals who charge somewhere around the microblading average cost and also have 3-4 years of experience.

Man Microblading Results

If the procedure is done properly, a microblading man can provide a natural set of eyebrows that will blend nicely with the existing brow hairs. The procedure is done in such a way that the strokes “sneak in” between the natural hairs. So the final look will just be fuller and better-shaped arches, without looking artificial.

Is Man Microblading Permanent?

Men microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure. Although, the results of microblading are not forever. They will gradually fade as the body breaks down the pigments used and the skin exfoliates itself.

How Long Does Man Microblading Last?

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The results of eyebrow microblading men usually last between 1 and 2 years. It depends on several factors, such as skin type and general lifestyle. To retain the shape and pigment intensity, a microblading touch-up session is needed once a year.

Man Microblading – Main Takeaways

Men’s microblading is an effective solution for men who want some extra fullness in their eyebrows that looks super natural. If a man struggles with the shape or volume of his brows, do not hesitate to choose the microblading treatment.

FAQ’s About Man Microbladed Eyebrows

1. How Can You Choose The Best Microblade Eyebrows Men?

To choose the best mens microblading style, consider the following factors:

  1. Face Shape
  2. Eyebrow Thickness
  3. Hair Color
  4. Personal Style And Preferences
  5. Expert Consultation With A Qualified Microblading Artist.

2. Is Male Microblading Popular?

Men’s eyebrow microblading has become more prevalent in recent years as more men seek cosmetic procedures to enhance their appearance. The trend of men wanting to improve their eyebrows has increased in popularity. Microblading has become a popular choice for many.

3. How Does Microblading For Men Impact Daily Grooming Routines?

Micro blading for men can impact daily grooming routines by reducing the time and effort required to style eyebrows. Microbladed eyebrows can look fuller, thicker, and more defined, meaning that men may not need to spend as much time filling their eyebrows with makeup.

However, proper microblading aftercare is vital to maintain the results, which may require time and attention each day.