Best Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes|Must Read

According to eyelash technicians, the best eyelash extension for hooded eyes is M Curl Lash, L Curl Lash, and L+ Curl Lash. It gives the eyes the illusion of depth, resulting in a stunning appearance.

What Are Hooded Eyes?

These eyes fold over the outer corner of the eyes, making the upper eyelids appear smaller and the lower eyelids appear tucked under the base of the eye. Many people, including celebrities such as Camilla Belle and Emma Stone, have hooded eyes. Even if many people do not find such eyes attractive, those who have them can still rock them.

Features For Hooded Eyes

The majority of people with hooded eyes have deep creases and prominent brow bones. When hooded eyes are open, the eyelid retracts into the crease and is not visible. As you get older, your eyelid space shrinks, giving you a hooded appearance. It can be due to genetics but is not always associated with aging. While some consider it a flaw, there are still ways to look stunning with eyelash extension for hooded eyes.

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Tips About Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes

Before we get into the best eyelashes for hooded eyes recommendations, there are a few things you should know. These tips will assist you in selecting comfortable lashes that will complement your eyes.

1. Look for lashes for hooded eyes that are longer at the center of the lash line, above the iris, for an eye-opening effect that also slightly conceals your crease.

2. Voluminous styles can make your eyes appear shadowed and weighed down. When you want a more dramatic lash, look for blended lash distribution with a lot of variation in length.

3. When you want a more dramatic lash, look for blended lash distribution with a lot of variation in length. To avoid exacerbating the effect, look for lashes that are shorter in the inner corner.

4. Always look for a thin, flexible band when purchasing strip lashes. Clear bands are more flexible, making them easier to fit along your lash line.

Best Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes

Consider lash extensions to create the illusion of depth in your eyes for the perfect look. The best eyelash extension for hooded eyes is those that can extend past the hood of the eyelid before curling. They will noticeably benefit from such lash extensions.

The M, L, and L+ curls are the best lash extension for hooded eyes. Any lash extension with such curls will look good on people with hooded eyes. Eyelash extensions with those three curls have a straight base followed by a lovely curl from the middle of their tip. The straight base is important because it gives them a better surface to sit on and blend with natural eyelashes. This will create a strong bond and increase the user’s comfort.

Let’s take a look at what makes L, L+, and M curls the best choice for people with hooded eyes.

1. Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes – M Curl Lash Extensions

Lash extensions with this type of curl combine all of the good qualities of the other curls. M curls, like L and L+ curls, have a straight base. The only distinction between them and the L curl lashes is a smoother transition from the middle to the tip. M curl lash extensions straighten out as you move towards the tip, unlike c curls, which have extreme curls.

M Curls are ideal for hooded eyes because they can be covered, and they can also be used to lift droopy or down-turned eyes. This is beneficial because hooded eyes make the eyes appear droopy. To avoid a cluttered appearance, the extensions should be placed parallel to each other and in the same direction.

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2. Lash Extensions For Hooded Eyes – L Curl Lash Extensions

They are one of the most popular among customers. They will gently lift people with hooded eyes. The flat and straight base of the L curls provides a good attachment between the natural eyelashes and the lash extensions.

This type of lash extension is ideal for people who have hooded and droopy eyelids; it will brighten and open them up. The L curl is an option for anyone who has hooded eyes and wants a dramatic look.

3. Eyelash Extensions For Hooded Eyes – L+ Curl Lash

L+ Curl Lash Extensions, also known as LD curls, have a straight and flat base with extreme curls at the tip, similar to D curls. The straight base is beneficial to those with hooded eyes. It allows the extensions to be more visible. As a result, it becomes more noticeable.

What Aspects Should You Consider When Selecting Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes?

Some factors you should consider choosing eyelash extension for hooded eyes:

1. Curl Length

Break through the thick lash line and open up the hooded lids. You should use enough length to lift the lashes over the lid, as this will make the eyes appear larger. All eyelashes will be covered by lids once the hooded eye/monolid eye is opened. As a result, your extensions should be 1-2mm longer than your natural lashes.

2. Eyelash Extension Curl

Stronger curls, such as CC and D curls, should be avoided for people with these types of lids because they will curl too far up, causing the tips to almost meld into the lid, creating an unnatural look and possibly causing pain. Instead, curl up with a curl that extends past the hood of the lid.

The base of an L- or M-shaped curl will be straight, but the extension’s middle and tip will be curled. When used correctly, the flat base makes it easier to attach to natural lashes and much more difficult to break that bond.

3. Features Of Face

Knowing your facial traits can make or break the lash set. You should select a style, curl, and length that will help bring out all of their natural traits.

Which Is Not Suitable Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes?

Avoid applying extensions to lashes with strong curls, such as C and D curls. These extensions “curly” curls can’t blend in with eyelids. As a result, it can feel uncomfortable and appear to be acting fake.

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Best Eyelash Extensions For Different Eye Shapes

The shape of the eye is important in lash extension applications and techniques. Our faces have a distinct beauty. As a result, each eye shape necessitates a unique set of lash extensions.

1. Round Eyes

Round eyes are open and alert, but if they are styled inaccurately, they can appear surprised. Look for less curled lashes and the longest length towards the middle of the eye for those with this eye shape. It has the same effect as the cat-eye look.

In the world of lashes, this is known as a B curl eyelash. To reduce the intensity, request shorter lengths with a looser curl from your technician. It can also help shape the eye into a more almond-shaped shape.

2. Downturned Eyes

For this eye shape, the outer corners on which your eyes rest are smaller than the interior corners. As a result, the best lash style is a forced cat-eye or natural shaping.

3. Upturned Eyes

For this eye shape, the outer corners on which your eyes rest are smaller than the interior corners. As a result, the best lash style is a forced cat-eye or natural shaping.

4. Almond Eye

You have almond-shaped eyes if you see an angled shape toward the outside of the eye. Almond-shaped eyes, as seen on celebrities such as Beyonce and Kendall Jenner, are stunning from every angle.
The center of almond-shaped eyes is broad, but it narrows toward the edges. However, almost all types and styles are appropriate for almond-shaped eyes.

5. Asian Eye

Asian Eyelash also known as the Epicanthic Folds Eye Shape, is one of the most complicated eye shapes. Because it does not have an eye wrinkle, it is necessary to first create one.

Asian Eye requires multiple layers and volume around the edge of the eye to be enhanced. Choose lash extensions with length and flare. It contributes to the most attractive results for the appearance of the eyes. Furthermore, increasing the volume of the eyelashes at the outer edges of the eyes makes them appear more defined like Russian volume lashes.

6. Protruding Eye

Applying for feather extensions is the most recommended lash design for a protruding eye shape. The added drama to each lash creates more striking and appealing looks.

Incorporating bright colors or medium to dark colored lashes on the eyes gives the eyes more character. However, because it is a difficult eye shape to work on, it requires the services of a professional beautician to enhance the appearance of the eye shape.

Importance of Lash Mapping for Hooded Eyes?

Lash Mapping is essential when getting eyelash extension for hooded eyes because of how the lash line is hidden in those with hooded eyes. When deciding where and how many lash extensions to use, it is helpful.

Lash extensions may not be visible if they are applied too close to the lash line. They might look sparse if they are positioned too far from the lash line. Lash mapping takes the guesswork out of where to place lash extensions and guarantees accuracy.

5 Precautions For Lash Mapping on Hooded Eyes

1. Keep in mind the level of hooding. This will influence the lash style you select.
2. Pay attention to lash placement along the lash line. This will help to give the appearance of a more open eye.
3. Select lash extensions that are long and thick. This will help to make up for the lash line’s invisibility.
4. Remember to take your time. Lash mapping can be time-consuming, but accuracy is critical.
5. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Lash mapping is all about determining what works best for each lash line. So go ahead and experiment with various lash looks until you find the perfect one.

Eyelash Extension For Hooded Eyes – Conclusion

Best eyelash extension for hooded eyes as we discussed above there is no such thing as a difficult eye shape. All of the eye shapes are unique and must be made differently. If you are unclear about your eye shape, always consult a lash technician and ask about the eyelash extensions that will enhance them, and get the best lash extensions for hooded eyes.