How To Clean Eyelash Extensions |Complete Procedure

When people do their lash extensions they also think about how to clean eyelash extensions. Washing eyelash extensions is more important and it helps to prevent eye health problems. However, despite their numerous benefits, eyelash extensions are difficult to clean. The lash line collects all dirt, including makeup, oil, and dead skin. The accumulation of dirt provides an ideal environment for bacteria growth.

Why Clean Lash Extensions Is Important?

You wash your face normally if you don’t have eyelash extensions. You remove all residues from your eyes and lashes. However, when you have your extensions installed, you are much more cautious about how you wash your face. Too much water can cause your eyelash extensions to come off prematurely. Therefore you should avoid doing it. However, this does not preclude you from cleaning your eyelash extensions.

More serious complications can occur if you do not clean your eyes. In addition to an infection, there is blepharitis, which causes red, swollen, and itchy eyelids. Another advantage of maintaining regular washing lash extensions is that they will last longer and look better.

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How To Clean Your lash Extensions At Home?

Tips for cleaning eyelash extensions at home are as follows:

  1. Apply warm water to your eyelashes.
  2. Use a mild, alcohol- and oil-free cleanser, such as a foaming face wash, facial soap, or baby shampoo, and gently massage it over your eyes and into your lashes.
  3. Utilize an upward and downward motion to avoid teasing your eyelashes, and focus on the lash line because this is where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.
  4. Use warm water to rinse.
  5. Let them dry naturally if possible. Each set of eyelashes can occasionally receive a 10-second blast of icy air from your hairdryer, but avoid doing this too frequently as it may weaken the glue.
  6. Utilizing a new mascara brush, remove your eyelash extensions.

How To Clean Eyelash Extensions Professionally?

For the benefit of eye health, eyelash extensions must always be cleaned. To clean eyelash extensions, according to the detailed instructions below:

1. Fix Your Eyelashes

It’s important to adhere to aftercare guidelines. Please wait 48 hours after applying your false lashes for the first time before washing them. Your eyelash extensions must cure and become waterproof over time.

2. Take Off Any Eye Makeup

To remove eye makeup from your lashes, including mascara and eyeshadow, use an oil-free makeup remover, such as micellar water or foamy cleanser.

3. Make Use Of The Lash Cleaner

Apply an eyelash extension cleanser or lash shampoo to your wet lashes using a small washing brush to clean your lash extensions. Brush the lash shampoo on the eyelashes and sweep the bristles back and forth down the lash line to remove any dirt and makeup.

4. Wash The Cleaner Off

With warm water, remove the eyelash extension cleanser.

5. Dry Your Eyelashes

A paper towel or hand towel should gently pat dry your eyelash extensions.

6. Clean Up Your Fake Lashes

Fluff up your artificial eyelashes by brushing them out with a new spoolie brush, which is a brush that looks like a mascara wand.

What Can I Use to Clean My Eyelash Extensions?

Most professional eyelash technicians will recommend a product for cleaning eyelash extensions, some may even include a goodie bag with cleaning products as part of their service. It’s usually some specially designed lash foam that cleans the eyelash extensions perfectly while not irritating your eyes.

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Following are the steps to clean lashes extensions.

1. Can We Wash Lash Extensions With Baby Shampoo?

You can remove impurities, dirt, and oil can be removed from your lash extensions with baby shampoo. It is not recommended, however, because baby shampoos contain perfumes that will irritate your eyes.

The shampoo’s sulfates and oils will also weaken the glue and cause the extensions to fall off.

2. How To Wash Eyelash Extensions With Micellar Water?

It cannot be easy to figure out how to clean eyelash extensions with micellar water. You cannot use a cotton pad as you would normally because the friction will undoubtedly pull some of your extensions off. Instead, we recommend using micellar water like any other cleanser. The only distinction is that it will not foam up.

Dab micellar water on your lash brush, then gently brush the micellar water over your extensions with the brush. Finally, use cool water to rinse your eyes.

3. How Do You Clean Eyelash Extensions Without Lash Shampoo?

A lash shampoo made especially for lash extensions, such as the cleanser in our lash bath kit, is your best bet. These cleaners are designed to gently cleanse the eye area without irritating the skin or stinging the eyes. They have cleaning solutions specifically chosen with extensions in mind, so they won’t cause your lash adhesive to become less strong.

4. Don’t Use Cotton Pads

Your lashes may be pulled, and the extensions may come out if you use cotton pads or other abrasives. Instead, it is preferable to clean the lashes and lashline using an ultra-soft brush.

You may also lightly brush your preferred lash cleaner over your lashes with your ring finger. Your best chance for removing eye makeup from above the lashes is a makeup removal towel.

5. Use a Protective Product Post-Cleanse

After cleaning, a lash extension sealant like the lilac crystal coat might be helpful. In addition to giving your lashes a wonderful gloss, such treatments seal the lash glue to keep it durable. Your lash specialist may also sell you a sealant.

What Happens If You Don’t Clean Lashes?

If you take good care of your eyelash extensions, they are generally safe and don’t cause many side effects.

But if you don’t clean your lashes, you could experience a variety of problems, both severe and minor:

  1. Your lash extensions will break off more easily, and you’ll need a touch-up or new set sooner if dirt and oil accumulation weakens the adhesive.
  2. The buildup will create friction, making your lashes tangle more easily and trigger lash loss, giving them a bulky, unkempt appearance.
  3. In difficult situations, dirt and dust buildup along the lash line can result in blepharitis. This inflammatory and irritating condition affects the eyelid and the area around the lash line. It might turn into something more dangerous and can be extremely irritating.

Things To Avoid With Lash Extensions

These are a few typical mistakes people make when using lash extensions.

1. Eyeliner

Some eyeliners might damage the bond and affect retention, making them unsuitable for use with lash extensions. Look for eyeliners that may be worn with eyelashes without triggering premature loss, such as this one.

2. Sweating

Excessive perspiration or going to the gym just after getting eyelashes can affect retention since sweat breaks down the glue.

3. Crying

Please advise your clients to use a cleanser afterward to remove any residue, even though this cannot always be avoided. The tear solution will affect lash retention as it will with hay fever or watery eyes.

4. Remover Of Make-up

Utilizing a makeup remover that won’t harm your retention while removing your makeup at night is crucial. The best action is to suggest a suitable remover to your clients for extended use because some high street removers might be harmful.

Tips For Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

The following advice can help you succeed when washing eyelash extensions.

1. Apply Eyelash Shampoo

When cleaning any type of lash extensions, use a cleaner designed for lash extensions that are fragrance-free and gentle around the eyes, like a lash shampoo. To keep your eyelash extensions smooth, specialized lash cleansers contain hydrating ingredients.

2. Be Gentle

To stop the false eyelashes from slipping out when you’re washing your lashes, don’t move too roughly. When taking off your makeup and drying them, gently dab your eyelashes.

3. Use a Hair Dryer

To increase the drying process, use a hairdryer in a low, cool setting.

How To Unclump Eyelash Extensions

Only a few factors cause your extensions to group together. We’ll examine each in turn and explain what you can do to resolve the situation.

1. You Didn’t Get the Lash You Wanted

Suppose the individual applying the lashes does not correctly glue one extension to one natural lash. In that case, a poor application of the lashes will frequently result in clumped lashes. This issue is frequently a result of do-it-yourself eyelash extensions, and it makes sense why. Self-application of these extensions is challenging, and it’s all too easy to end up with one extension adhered to many lashes or the other way around. Rely on an experienced, reputable lash extension salon to prevent a subpar application.

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2. Mascara Was Used, And It Caused The Extensions To Stick Together

Mascara can also be a concern since it can produce a greasy effect that clumps the lashes together in an unsightly and occasionally uncomfortable way. You won’t need mascara with your new lash extensions. But if you need to use mascara, adhere to this straightforward advice.

  1. Always use new mascara instead than stale, dried-out makeup.
  2. Apply the mascara with caution from the brush to the tips.
  3. Before applying a second coat, allow the first one to dry fully.

Main Takeaways

Eyelash extension cleaning is crucial and advantageous. It will extend the life of your extensions and keep your natural lashes from getting harmed. Use micellar water or the cleaning solutions your eyelash technician recommended to clean your extensions daily.

FAQ’S About Clean Eyelash Extensions

There are some common questions about eyelash extensions cleaning. Must read them.

1. Is It Safe To Wash My Face While Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

Yes. In the first 24 hours following the procedure, you should avoid getting the extensions wet. Be careful not to tug or rub the extensions, and keep them dry.

2. Can I Brush My Eyelash Extensions When Wet?

It would help if you dried your eyelashes before combing them, so no. You can do this by pressing a clean, dry cloth against your lashes or using a blow dryer set to the coldest.

3. Can I Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

Of course, you should avoid doing that for the first 24 hours after submitting your application. They must settle and thoroughly clean and dry.